Beta Launch Program Testing/Crowdtesting


Simple: We could not possibly test the compatibility for all devices, help us crowd-test the compatibility for our products, share your experience with us: what's working and what can be improved.


Find and fill out the corresponding crowd-testing form below for your purchased product:

USB-C to USB Adapter Cable

USB-C to SD/MicroSD Card Reader

USB-C to VGA Adapter


Q: How long should I test the product, before I submit the feedback form?

A: We recommend using and testing the product  for at least one week before you submit the feedback form.

Q: Full reimbursement(through Amazon Gift Card) or $5 Amazon Gift Card, which one for me?

A: Full reimbursement will be applied to Beta Launch Program participants. All other crowdtesting volunteers, will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card from us.

Q: When will I get my reimbursement or  $5 Amazon Gift Card? 

A: After your feedback submitted, we will fully reimburse your cost(through Amazon Gift Card) or send you a $5 Amazon Gift Card by next Monday. For example, if you submit your feedback between Monday, 09/11/2018 to Sunday, 09/16/2018; your reimbursement(through Amazon Gift Card) will be sent to your email address on Monday, 09/17/2018.