Beta Launch Program Testing/Crowdtesting


Simple: We could not possibly test the compatibility for all devices, help us crowd-test the compatibility for our products, share your experience with us: what's working and what can be improved.


Find and fill out the corresponding crowd-testing form below for your purchased product:

Name *
Such as MacBook Pro, XPS 13, Samsung Galaxy S9, etc.
Such as iPhone X, iPhone XS, AirPods, Magic keyboard, etc.
Enter 0000 If you don' have Order ID.
Anything you want to share with us relate to the whole shopping experience, the product itself, or the heat shrink tube. And it would be great if you could share what you've got on the Amazon also. :)


Q: How long should I test the product, before I submit the feedback form?

A: We recommend using and testing the product  for at least one week before you submit the feedback form.

Q: Full reimbursement(through Amazon Gift Card) or $5 Amazon Gift Card, which one for me?

A: Full reimbursement will be applied to Beta Launch Program participants. All other crowdtesting volunteers, will receive a $5 Amazon Gift Card from us.

Q: When will I get my reimbursement or  $5 Amazon Gift Card? 

A: After your feedback submitted, we will fully reimburse your cost(through Amazon Gift Card) or send you a $5 Amazon Gift Card by next Monday. For example, if you submit your feedback between Monday, 09/11/2018 to Sunday, 09/16/2018; your reimbursement(through Amazon Gift Card) will be sent to your email address on Monday, 09/17/2018.